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FTTH Installers is a certified data cabling contractor which is certified on Leviton Residential Smart Home Products. By having other certifications with leading Smart Home product manufacturers, FTTH Installers can offer you the flexibility in getting the right technology at the right budget. By wiring have additional We'd like to offer you a little background on "smart home" technology. Most homes today still use wiring technology from the 1950's making it impossible to accommodate the flow of information contained in incoming signals via faster, more powerful broadband signals. Structured wiring

Pulling "Smart Cable" Through Walls


Structured wiring is a term used to describe the low voltage wire run through the house during the construction phase of the home building process. This allows us to lay down a wiring infrastructure that can be used to distribute audio, video, telephone, and network signals throughout the house. All wiring is “home run”, meaning that all the wiring meets at a centrally located structured media center. We always leave room for growth, so that you will never outgrow your system.

Home Security/Surveillance

Home security can range from a simple alarm system to advanced video surveillance. We have relationships with companies around the country who offer 24/7 security monitoring. We offer this service to our customers at a price well below some of the big names in security. We can setup indoor and outdoor camera systems that will play on security monitors or through any TV in your house. These same images can be broadcast over the internet so you can keep an eye on you home, even when you’re away.

Home Office Networks

With most homes and small business going to high-speed internet connections, there is a need for a single point of network entry. A local area network allows for multiple systems to share the same connection, eliminating the need for multiple phone lines and modems, which are very costly. It also increases speed and allows files, printers and scanners to be shared which, in turn, increases productivity.

Distributed Audio/Video

Distributed audio allows for a single system to fill an entire home with sound. Furthermore, each room can play different music at the same time without additional systems. Each room has independent control through a simple, yet elegant, wall mounted volume control. Distributed video is a similar technology which allows you to share the signal from a video source (DVD, Satellite, VCR, etc.) with all the televisions in the house. This prevents having to put costly components with each television, but you still get all of the functionality.

Home Theatre

Home Theatre is by no means a new concept, and more considered a luxury than a necessity. We offer services to setup advanced home theatre systems. We can give our customers an experience that surpasses the audio and video of a movie theatre, right in the luxury of their home. With rapid advancements in digital audio, along with the penetration of high-definition television, this market is becoming extremely popular.

Intercom/Telephone Systems

Intercom systems allow easy communication throughout the home. For those who do not want to spend the money on an elaborate distributed audio system this is another alternative for piping music into different rooms around the house. Advanced telephony systems are becoming more popular with the increase in at-home workers. Having a multi-line phone system for your home office allows you to keep work from interfering with your home phone system.

Central Vacuum

Central vacuum offers an extremely efficient and quiet way to keep a home clean. They make cleaning up quick and effortless. Also, the central vacuum systems we install are hypoallergenic and come with lifetime warranties. They can be installed easily in both new and existing homes at an affordable cost. Plus, new studies have shown that a central vacuum system can offer relief for many allergy sufferers.

Controlled Lighting

Advanced lighting controls allow the homeowner to control multiple rooms from the touch of a button. Different lighting scenes can be configured and stored in multiple locations around the house. They can be controlled by atomic clocks and configured to randomly or precisely mimic the normal lighting patterns of the family. Not only is this convenient, it offers a great security feature for a family while away from home.

Environmental Monitoring

Knowing your home is being monitored for temperature, water leaks, power outages, smoke, water pressure, as well as many other conditions that can destroy it is just one way to give you peace of mind. Knowing your home will call you if an alarm condition exist, is another.


Structured Wiring Cabinets for the Smart Home

Structured Wiring Cabinets is one of the newest product growth markets in the residential home building industry. Presently, home systems require high speed internet, multi-line telephone, distributed audio and video. A structured wiring product can easily and cleanly achieve this. Structured wiring is a generic term used to describe many different types of residential wiring products that distribute a variety of data signals throughout a home. A structured wiring product may contain any combination of CAT-5, Coax RG-6 or RG-59, speaker (14/2 or 14/4), low voltage power for in-wall LCD screens, and even fiber optic configurations and combinations.

Pulling "Smart Cable" Through Walls

Signal types such as cable television, satellite television, telephones, and ethernet computer networks are common examples. A structured wiring product can also Distribute Audio And Video Signals throughout the house. Many industry professionals believe in the future, building a house without a structured wiring solution is going to be like building a home without plumbing.

Smart Home Cablinet- Enclosure- Holds CAT 5e- Coax-Security

The enclosure or cabinet proves a neat and clean location to home run all wiring. It also provides a means to mount the different devices within the cabinet and provide mechanical protection from damage or vandalism. Some of these devices may include a cable splitter / amplifier model to distribute cable and satellite throughout the home as well as Cat-5 data termination modules, routers and switches for the home's LAN. Additionally, a telephone connection module can be used to distribute phone service with in the home. Security and automation modules can be used to control and monitor activity in the home such as doors, windows, temperature, lighting and appliances. All these different systems can be housed in one clean installation enclosure to allow the systems to be interconnected and integrated with each other easily.

The Benefits
A structured wiring package means that multiple data distribution options are readily available in the home. This is where the second cable (RG-6) and data (CAT-5) lines become important. The first cable line carries a signal from a control box to the wall plate; for example, a satellite TV signal. The second cable line can then be used to carry a signal back to the control box. For example, this might be the output from a DVD player. With the appropriate hardware (Signal Modulator), this DVD signal could then be amplified and sent back over all outgoing cable lines on an unused channel number on every television. The DVD could then be watched and Controlled on any TV in the house simply by tuning to the previously unused channel, without investing multiple DVD's or VCR's. These systems are becoming must-haves for customers to participate in the digital revolution, allowing them to work or do schoolwork at home, or even use any TV as a baby monitor.

Other benefits of a structured wiring package include the integration of a House Audio Video System. This allows audio and video signals to be sent throughout your home, making dinner parties, romantic evenings, and summer BBQ's even more enjoyable. Tie this all in with preprogrammed lighting scenes and with the touch of one button your event begins.

CAT-5e cable has revolutionized the electronics industry and has provided a means to distribute composite video and audio signals throughout the home. Many new CCTV cameras now reside on the home's network with their own IP address. This allows for remote access and control (pan, tilt, zoom) from anywhere in the world. Now, structured wiring products are revolutionizing the connected home installation industry. By providing structured wiring bundles in a variety of configurations as well as high quality connection hardware manufacturers.

If you want to enjoy the wonders that technology can bring to your home today and in the future, let us tell you....IT ALL STARTS WITH THE WIRE. A small expenditure today, while your home is being built, will insure that you can have multimedia excitement delivered to every room in your home

Historical Background

We'd like to offer you a little background on "smart home" technology. Most homes today still use wiring technology from the 1950's making it impossible to accommodate the flow of information contained in incoming signals via faster, more powerful broadband signals.

In the 1964 World's Fair in New York, General Electric, ATT, and others had exhibits on smart home technology that they thought would be implemented shortly in the homes of the 1960's and 1970's. Due to the economic and political conditions that prevailed during that era most of these technologies were curtailed or put on hold indefinitely .

However Bell Labs and many other companies continued to experiment with the technologies and it wasn't until the explosion of the Internet a few years back that this technology came back into the limelight.

A "Smart Home" is simply a new or remodeled home that is 'pre-wired' to meet the communications, entertainment and security needs of a homeowner well into the future. Once the proper cable is installed the 'frame' of a new or remodeled home- the homeowner is free to take advantage of DSL, security, multimedia -entertainment, wireless and many more features available in today's market.

Below find a "SMART CABLE" that can be used to pre-wire your home. For more information- go to our menu on "Products" and "Features" of a Smart Home Page

Our three offices are part of a nationwide team of network installation personnel can be mobilized anytime, anywhere. These experts are backed by seasoned teams of administrators, project managers, and technicians who are equipped to handle virtually any project. Established relationships with leading vendors assure the best possible service to our customers.FTTH Installers can provide your company with experienced telephone system installation for many systems including some listed below In addition to system sales and installations, we also provide leasing and rental services as well as maintenance contracts. Furthermore, we regularly include discounts for customers that trade in their old systems when up dating or upgrading to newer and better systems.FTTH Installers Communications also can arrange to supply interconnect services to IT departments with Field Service PBX & telephone key system technicians.

We can supply your company with any type PBX or telephone Key System Technician, no matter how large or small the switch. Place an order with us, and we guarantee that we will have the position filled within a week with a qualified switch technician who will be capable of installing, programming and maintaining your equipment...

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FTTH Installers has been serving California, Nevada and Florida with a variety of telecommunications services since 1998. As a structured cabling contractor- systems integrator we a also a certified Cisco CCIE and value added partner of several manufacturers.FTTH Installers can offer you the highest quality of services at extremely competitive rates.

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